1. To conduct training towards the acquisition of higher education and a Master’s Degree in specialties from the accredited professional fields of “National Security” and “Warfare”, as well as the acquisition of a PhD (Doctor’s Degree) in accredited science specialties.
  2. To train current and prospective national strategic leaders for management of the national security, the defense of the country, and the armed forces in accordance with worthy national traditions, modern world tendencies and the standards of the European Union and NATO.
  3. To train officers for the operative command-and-management units, capable of realizing the armed forces’ abilities in current and future, joint or multinational operations.
  4. To conduct scientific and applied research, and to participate in the development of conceptions, strategies and doctrines related to security, defense and warfare.
  5. To organize and conduct procedures for the acquisition of science degrees and occupation of academic positions.
  6. To realize publications and circulate information on issues related to the national security, defense, and the development of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria, and to contribute to the increased awareness and understanding of those issues among the public and the political forces.
  7. To organize public and professional forums, aiming to discuss issues of the national security, defense, and the armed forces, as well as the international social and political processes related to them.
  8. To contribute to the development of the civil-military relations, to consolidate the relationship of the armed forces with national social and academic circles, and to develop partnerships with bodies and organizations in the system of national security.
  9. To participate in the international academic cooperation, in support of the military education development, through its activity as a representative of the Republic of Bulgaria at the Conference of Defense College Commandants from NATO member states, as well as in the Consortium of Defense Colleges and Advanced Defense Research Institutes.
  10. To conduct publishing, cultural, sports and other activities, in accordance with its educational and research programs.