Born on 15 July 1965 in Shiroka Laka village, Smolyan District



1980 – 1984   Technical school for ConstructionN. Y. Vapcarov” – Smolyan

1984 – 1988   Military University „Vassil Levski” – Veliko Tarnovo

1995 – 1997  Rakovski National Defense College –  Sofia

(command and staff, operational-tactical and army)

2011 – 2012 Rakovski National Defense College –  Sofia (Strategic Leadership of the Defense and the Armed Forces)

Military carreer:

1988 – 1989 Mechanized Infantry platoon Commander – Ivaylovgrad;

1989 – 1991 Work and guard platoon Chief – Devin;

1991 – 1992 Mechanized Infantry specialists preparation platoon Chief– Devin;

1992 – 1995 Assistant to the Chief of Staff of  Intelligence   – Devin;

1997-1998 Mechanized Infantry independent battalion Commander – Ivaylovgrad

1998- 2002 Regular Phd student at the Rakovski National Defense College

2002-2002 “International Cooperation” Directorate representative for Denmark, Norway and Italy

2002 – 2004 Senior assistant in the “Land Forces” chair at Rakovski National Defense College

2004 – 2006 Chief assistant in the “Land Forces” chair at Rakovski National Defense College

2006 – 2009 Associate professor in the “Land Forces” chair at Rakovski National Defense College

2009 – 2011 Chief of the “Land Forces” chair Rakovski National Defense College

2011 – 2013 Deputy dean of the „Command and Staff “ faculty at Rakovski National Defense College

2013 – 2017 Dean of the „Command and Staff “ faculty at Rakovski National Defense College

2017 Deputy Commandant for academics at Rakovski National Defense College

Colonel Associate professor Tashkov has been a member of the Standing Work Group of Concepts and Doctrines since 2013.

He became a regular member of the Defense Capabilities Council in September 2016.


Scientific career:

2002  PhD of scientific specialty “Organization and Management of the Armed Forces”

2005 Associate professor in “Security and Defense” high education sphere, “Military affairs” professional direction, of “Organization and Management of the Armed Forces” scientific specialty.

2005 – 2008 Scientific secretary of the “Land Forces” chair at the National Defense College „G. S. Rakovski.”

 He has been a member of “Security and Defense” section to the Union of scientists in Bulgaria since 2009, from the moment of its recovery, after more than a 10-year break of activity. He was elected a chairman for the period 2009 2013 after the formation of the section.  He has been a plenipotentiary of the section at the General assembly of the plenipotentiaries in the Union of scientists in Bulgaria since 2013.

He was a supervisor and continues to supervise PhD students, 9 of whom defended theses successfully and acquired a PhD degree. At present he supervises two PhD students.

He has more than 60 publications, including textbooks and tutorials, in the sphere of the military art, command and management of the Armed Forces, Staff service, education and qualification in the Bulgarian High education system.

He has prepared more than 68 reviews, statements and comments on procedures for the Phd and associate professor´s degree at Rakovski National Defense College, the National Military University “Vassil Levski” and the Naval Academy N. Y. Vaptsarov.


Additional qualifications:

1999 Staff Military course – Sofia    

2004 English language course  – Luxembourg

2005 Military Standardization course – Sofia

2006  NATO CIMIC courseSofia;

2008 English course at Borden base, Toronto, Canada.

2016 English refresher course – level 3 – Sofia

Decorations and awards:

Rakovski National Defense College Medal, Decoration “For Excellent Service” I and II degree, Decoration “For Special Merits to Rakovski National Defense College.”, I degree, non-monetary prizes, certificates, official gratitude.

Produced in ranks:

2007 – colonel

2004 – lieutenant colonel

1998 – major

1995 – captain

1991 – senior lieutenant

1988 – lieutenant

Foreign languages: English (2-2-2-2)

Marital status: married, with two sons.