• Sep

    Time: 28 и 29 септември 2015 г.

    Location: Централен военен клуб

    The leadership of the Defence Advanced Research Institute announce, that in implementation of the National Defence College plan, on 28 – 29 September 2015, in the Central Military Club (Sofia), an international conference will take place on the theme “Human Systems Integration Approach to Cyber Security”.


    – To promote cooperative HSI approach to study the complex phenomenon of cyber security by covering diverse dimensions such as human factors, organizational processes, technology and software developments, etc.;
    – To study specific issues related to selection, education, training and retention of cyber force, and to identify the spectrum of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities that IT experts need for efficient performance;
    – To present  and  discuss methodologies  to measure  organizational  cyber security awareness and security posture in defense organizations;
    – To formulate possible approaches to improve resilience after cyber attacks;
    – To present and discuss human factors support tools for enhancing individual and group cyber security sensitivity.