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Welcome to "G. S. Rakovski" National Defence College

"G.S.Rakovski" National Defence College is the oldest higher military institution in Bulgaria. It was founded with an Act of the 15 th National Assembly of 1 st March, 1912.

The College has a unique contribution to the foundation of the Bulgarian Officers Corps, as well as to the establishment of the new Bulgarian State, and to the influence of the European values upon the Bulgarian nation. Today it is a national institution for higher education, qualification, and scientific research on issues of national security and Defence. The mission of "G.S.Rakovski" National Defence College is to prepare military leaders and civilian personnel in all spheres of establishing and using the Armed Forces in peacetime, in conflict solving and crisis management, and in wartime focusing on strategic and operational level. It is the main educational institution concerning issues of international and national security, civil-military cooperation, military art, and interoperability with NATO armed forces.

The College is accredited as a high institution by the state authorities.

"G.S.Rakovski" National Defence College Academic And Research Units are: National Security and Defence Faculty, Command and Staff Faculty, Language Training Department and Defence Advanced Research Institute. The education includes 15 accredited Master's specialties, 12 scientific PhD specialtiies and many courses of post-educational qualification. The annual number of trained officers and civilian personnel is over 1000.

"G.S.Rakovski" National Defence College is a member of the Consortium of Defence Academies and Security Studies Institutes under PfP. 105 highly qualified lecturers and researchers, officers and civilian personnel, work in "G.S.Rakovski" National Defence College

Commandant of the College is commodore Dimitar Angelov.

The College is located in the center of Sofia.


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