Keynote Speaker Mr. Alan Shaffer

Director NATO Science and Technology Organization Collaborative Support Office

“Future Armed Forces 2040”


LTC Sven Szabo


“Security Foresight Analysis 2017 & Future Framework of Alliance Operations”


Major General (BGR-A) Grudi Angelov

Commandant of G. S. Rakovski National Defense College

“Military and Political Aspects of Security in the Black Sea Region”


Dr. George Evangelou Koukoudakis

Greece, Military Academy

“Post-Modern Form of War and its Consequences for the Balkans”


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Peter Dimitrov

G. S. Rakovski National Defense College

“Some Aspects of Future Conflict”


Prof. D.Sc. Alexander Kostov

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Director of Institute of Balkan Studies and Centre of Thracology

“Refugees Crisis and Balkans”


Brigadier General (BGR-A) Valeri Tsolov

Deputy Commander of the Bulgarian Land Forces

“Vision for Development of the Land Forces 2040”


Major General (BGR-AF) Tsanko Stoykov

“Vision for Development of the Air Forces 2040”


Rear Admiral Mitko Petev

“Vision for Future Naval Forces”


Brigadier General (BGR-A) Yavor Mateev

“Vision for Development of Special Operation Forces 2040”


Dr. Nikolay Pavlov

Bulgarian Academy of Science, Centre for National Security and Defense Research

“Implementing the Pooling & Sharing Concept in the Balkans and the Black Sea Area”


COL Dr. Andreas Ferdinand Alexa

Austria, National Defense Academy

“Emerging Technologies in the Field of Logistics”


Industry Presentation Mr. Vasil Filipov

NearSoft Ltd.

“Industry 4.0: Maintenance Operations Management and military asset management with IIoT”


Major (BGR-A) Stoian Cherveniakov

“The World in the Digital era. Military Implements of the Technological Evolution”


COL (BGR-A) Lyubomir Monov


“Technology and the Future of War” (VTC)


Capt. (BGR-N) Prof. Yantsislav Yanakiev, D.Sc.

G. S. Rakovski National Defense College; Director of Defense Advanced Research Institute

“People in Defense – Forgotten Component in Military Capabilities Building Process”


COL Ignat Spahiyski

MoD, Deputy Director of Human Resource Management Directorate

“Development of Human Capital in Armed Forces”


Dr. Barbara Waruszynski


“Diversity as a Force Enabler for Enhancing Operational Effectiveness in the Canadian Armed Forces”


Dr. Elitsa Nikolova, G. S. Rakovski NDC; Capt. (BGR-N) Prof. Yantsislav Yanakiev, D.Sc.

“NATO Strategic Communications and Netizens: Creative Future to Come”


COL Prof. Dr. Iulian Martin

Romania, “Carol I National Defense University”

“Malicious Behavior on Mobile Terminals – Vector of Propagation for Cyber Threats”


Dr. Kiril Avramov

New Bulgarian University

“From Words to Action: Targeting and Scope at Grassroots Levels of Russian Propaganda Warfare Psy-ops in the Cases of Bulgarian Paramilitary Organizations”


COL (BGR-A) Kamen Ivanov


“New Threats in Front of the BAF Need New Approaches”


Dr. Otylia Bieniek

Poland, War Studies University

“Cyber Army. The Key to the Future Cyber Defense”